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A Guide to a Cost Effective and Maintainable Lawn


Overview – The Goal

Any informed gardener will tell you that a lawn can make or break a visitor’s impression of your horticultural skills. A good garden is run by an understanding gardener who knows the land and works with the environment to forge fantastic goals. You most know how often to trim your garden, and how often to water it.

The greatest and most awe-inspiring works of horticultural art are found in the classical grounds of many of Britain’s top-ranking stately homes. Hampton Court and its many acres have been tended to for over 400 years, and the lawns are still as immaculate as ever.

How can we emulate this long-lasting, manageable and above all eye-catching and healthy looking lawn in our own homes?

Conditions & Hazards

Unfortunately, lawn maintenance isn’t as simple as planting, watering, and sunshine. There is a little more to it.

When planting anything in the ground to spruce up your garden, an awareness of the competition that lies beneath the ground and how much time your lawn will be in the sun each day will keep you on top. It is crucial to understand your soil type.


The best time to plant your lawn seed will be either early spring or autumn. Both seasons have a good balance of sustained rainfall and warmth. Germination should be a snip.


Regardless of location, there are lawns across the globe. In extreme cases, golf courses have been created and maintained in deserts through extensive networks of water sprinklers and heavy fertilization. However, it is unlikely that one lives in a desert environment.

Before choosing your desired grass, find out the Ph of the ground. Is it acidic or otherwise? Is the ground mainly sand, clay, or hindered by a layer of granite or other impermeable rock type? For every terrain, there is a lawn type, and enough products on the market to sustain growth and health of the grass, be it a natural substance or otherwise.


It is often assumed that grass doesn’t grow under certain trees due to lack of sunlight. However, it is relatively unknown that some trees, namely pine, contain a natural herbicide in their needles. When these fall to the ground, the grass is destroyed. This is a natural security measure to ensure that nothing out-competes the offending tree.

Research extensively into how co-operative the current habitants of your garden will be to your new lawn.


bunnyWith every visiting breed of animal that enters your garden, the way they use it can add a natural charm or wreck your manicured haven. Regarding lawn maintenance, be aware of moles. Unfortunately, the only way to stop them in their track is to stop them dead with a trap. Alternatively, you could wait with a shovel ready to clock them on the head.

Another seemingly friendlier set of animals also unknowingly pose a threat to lawn health. Do your pets have a favorite toilet spot? If so, the ground will brown and die with the acids. Move your pet on, either by covering the patch with an empty hanging basket or by getting them a tray to do their business in.


With all the problems outlined, what methods can you take to look after your lawn?


Any well-stocked garden center will have a box of pretreated grass seed or a liquidized fertilizer solution. Both will give your lawn an advantage in the garden, giving it the necessary nitrates and chemicals to ward off bugs and promote growth.

Be careful when buying fertilizer though: ensure that you read the packaging to avoid destroying other plants in your garden by over treating an area. Secondly, be aware of the area outside your garden; be considerate to areas such as large bodies of water. Fertilizer in a natural area could lead to disastrous imbalances in the local ecosystem.


Along with the cautions that the domestic and wild animals may cause to your garden, some produce a substance that humans have relied on for farming for generations.

No matter how unglamorous it is, horse, chicken, and manure from other grazing animals hold essential nitrates that feed the ground immensely.

With that said, there is no better care for the lawn other than a splash of water from a watering can or otherwise, along with a soaking of sunshine. These tips will help you to get started, but continued labor and determination will give you the real results. It is not easy to have nice and healthy looking lawn, but it can be done. It is crucial to follow this advice and your yard will be green in no time.

Good luck!