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Buy seed and fresh flowers

On our website, you can order online seed of many flower varieties, and plant them in your garden, or you can even order live flowers, which will be delivered to your home address.



Here you can also find the best advice for landscaping your garden and backyard or hire a gardener that will do this for you.


Build a greenhouse

We will help you to build a greenhouse for your garden, and you can choose between metal, plastic or wooden one, depending on your needs.


Get supplies for your garden

Get all supplies that you need from fertilizers, containers, flower pots, gardening tools, greenhouse accessories, hoses and sprinklers, protection from weeds and rodents, and many others.


We are always working on new and interesting topics for you, which can be on hand if you are involved with gardening. Topics to come are: How to plant best plants for your garden, ten best pond ideas, and many more. We are also delighted to be working in partnership with Heartisan Fine Foods, providing high quality ingredients for their quality, hand made products. 


The main idea of our blog is to give you the right tools and knowledge on gardening, even if you are a beginner or experienced gardener. We also what to show you many different ideas that you can potentially use to have a garden you always wanted.

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